About Us

Founded in San Sebastián, Spain, in 2009, Mimo is a pioneering food company with departments devoted to cooking classes, gourmet retail, and culinary tourism.

Mimo (formerly San Sebastián Food) began in San Sebastián, where founder Jon Warren settled after giving up his career in the London finance industry. He fell in love with the tiny Basque region of Spain and began to give tours of the famed bars in San Sebastián’s old part. This evolved into a gourmet food & wine shop, which opened in 2014, and then grew to include a luxe cooking school, opened in 2015, devoted to the diffusion of Basque and Spanish cuisine. Now Mimo is expanding its culinary tourism concept to other cities in Spain to bring its award-winning experiences to even more delicious regional cuisines.

Mimo is passionate about giving you a taste of the authentic local food, from the pintxos, txakoli and Idiazabal cheese of Basque Country, to the sherry and jamón ibérico of Andalucia, with an added dose of expertise. From cooking classes and jamón carvings, to visiting wineries and local markets, to simply hitting the old town for a fun night of bar hopping, our experiences are the epitome of easy luxury, tailored to your desires.


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We are a growing group of food and wine professionals, comprised of locals, experts and passionate foodies with an expansive knowledge base. Our classes, experiences, and retail offerings are authentic glimpses into the often secret local world of food, wine and culture.


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