Our Shop in the Algarve



The Algarve is known for its beautiful beaches, but its cuisine is full of undiscovered treasures. In this small zone, there is the freshest seafood, lovely and delicious humble dishes, and farm-fresh produce. Explore the dramatic cliffs and crystalline waters and the rolling green hills of fig, almond and carob trees. And taste the fruits of this landscape in our gourmet shop. 

We offer customised hampers and international shipping, as well as a wide selection of edible souvenirs, tableware, and gourmet gifts.

Mimo Algarve
Pine Cliffs Resort
Praia Da Falesia, P.O. Box 644
Albufeira, Portugal 8200-909

Phone: +351 30 050 9188
Email: shopalgarve@mimofood.com
Online Shop: www.shop.mimofood.com
Instagram: @mimoalgarve