Our Values


Exceptional | Local | Sustainable | Artisanal | Fair


We strive to source the highest quality products. This involves rigorous testing by our taste team and evaluation of all aspects of the supplier´s ingredients and production process. We personally visit the supplier of each product on a regular basis. 



We are committed to championing the richness and diversity of Spanish food and wine. We hunt high and low across the diverse autonomous communities of Spain, from Andalusia to Galicia, to bring you a unique range of products. However, we also strive to be as local as possible, so expect to find an abundance of Basque products in our range; after all we are in the Basque Country, where quality food and wine abound.  We also stock a select range of pan-European products, showcasing some of our personal favourites.


Sustainability is very important to us – a healthy environment is crucial to the suppliers we work with and the future of their craft. We aim to source from suppliers that minimise their impact on the environment and who embrace renewable energies and sustainable packaging. We will provide more information on our sustainability work with suppliers as it develops.


We get very excited when we come across an artisan producer.  It often opens up a wonderful story, filled with local culture and family history. You can discover these unique stories in our store and through the products we sell. You can also meet many of the producers we work with through Mimo's wide range of tours and culinary experiences - taking you to the heart of Spanish gastronomy. 


Ensuring a friendly and mutually beneficial relationship with producers is at the heart of our mission. We also believe that those involved in the production process, from on fishing boats to in vineyards, should be treated fairly and with dignity. Our concept of fairness is also central to the relationship we have with our customers. Your experience and feedback is crucial to our success and we strive to learn from our customers on an ongoing basis.