Malvasía Naturalmente Dulce-Sweet 50cl (Lanzarote)

Wine has been made in the Canary Islands for centuries, due to their strategic location en route from Europe to the Americas.  And there's no way those early sailors were going to make the trip without a hold full of booze!

Lanzarote is the most easterly island in the Canaries and lying 125km from the Sahara Desert it's total annual rainfall of just 125-150mm ought to make it too dry to grow grapes.  But the Lanzaroteños have devised an ingenious system of growing the vines in pits sunk into the volcanic soil, which allow a few drops of dew to condense each morning and keep the plants alive.

Bodegas Las Bermejos was founded in 2001, but already this wine has achieved something of a cult status and has become quite hard to find.  The Malvasía grapes are harvested late and then the wine slowly ferments until the yeast can't hack it any more and die off, leaving at least 125g of residual sugar per litre of wine.  This wine is then aged in a solera system, which smooths out any annual variation and adds a certain walnutty complexity to this wine already rich with the scents of flowers and honey.



Category: <25€

Type: Wine White

Vendor: Bodega Los Bermejos

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