Gota a Gota Licor de Hierbas

Gota a Gota is one of the finest Spanish grappas we’ve come across, rich, aromatic, distinct. Galician distillers have perfected this craft for centuries, favoring open fires on chilly autumn nights, copper pots and a very slow process that produces only one litre every hour, drop by drop or “gota gota”.

In a "Licor de Hierbas", you take the pure orujo (similar to Grappa) and add a secret blend of herbs and some sugar for a while, until it takes on the flavour of the herbs.

Easier to drink than the straight Orujo, in Spain you often get a little shot of this right at the end of a meal.

30% vol, 40mL

Category: Digestive, Spirits

Type: Liquor

Vendor: San Sebastian Food

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