Mixology Kit / Estuche Mixología

There are occasions in life that require a special gift. At Toque we have designed a mixology case with our first class botanicals and a selection of professional tools. The perfect gift for someone who is taking his or her steps into the world of creative cocktails. 


Botanicals: Juniper Berries (21g), Cardamom (19g), Mace (10g), Star Anise (10g), kumquat Peel (13g), Mallow Flower (1,5g), Persian Roses (5g) Hibiscus Flower (10g), Cassia Cinnamon (25g), Jamaica Pepper (21g), Cocoa Beans (30g), Elephant Coffee Beans (18g).

Cards: A deck of 20 cards with information about botanical compatibilities, how to use them, recommendations etc.

Professional tools: Twisted spoon, citrus zester, jigger, infuser tube, precision tongs and botanical cards with all the necessary information. 

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