Sidra Petritegui (Astigarraga)

At Petritegi they want to highlight the figure of the cider maker as the person who contributes the human factor to making quality cider, giving the drink its personal touch. Apart from their experience and knowledge of the product we must add their commitment to innovation and modernisation of the trade. For years the cider maker at Petritegi has been José Joaquín Otaño, representative of the 4th generation of the Otaño-Goikoetxea family who was actually born in the farmhouse; he learned the trade with his father and took up the reins of the cider house in the 70s. Since then he has lovingly conveyed his passion for the cider trade to his entire family. A great connoisseur of his apples and barrels (or kupelak in Basque), he dedicates a large part of his time to them.


Type: Cider

Vendor: Sidreria Petritegui

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