Vermouth Lacuesta Reserva

Vemouth has a long history and is basically sweetened wine flavoured with herbs and plants "botanicals" and usually with an extra shot of alcohol for fun - the best known example is probably Martini. Useful as a cocktail component, this style of drink had gradually fallen out of fashion but in Spain has recently seen quite a revival, especially in Catalunya where many of the brands are produced.

This version comes from closer to home in Haro in La Rioja. Martínez Lacuesta is an old-school wine producer, which has been making this "vermút" since 1937. As a point of difference the finished blend is aged in new French oak barrels prior to release. A bitter, aromatic and intensely coloured vermouth, best served cold, accompanied by a slice of orange and an olive.

Category: Vermouth

Type: Liquor

Vendor: San Sebastian Food

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