Zapiain Natural Cider (37.5cL)

Cider (Sidra in Spanish, Sagardoa in Basque) is a big part of the local culture. In fact there are over 80 commercial cider houses in Guipúzcoa province alone. 3 types of apples are required to make the perfect blend: sweet, acid and bitter. And not much else! Allowing the natural yeasts and bacteria to work their magic the cider pretty much makes itself. After the alcoholic and malolactic fermentations are complete, the cider is just racked and bottled, so it remains naturally cloudy and slightly fizzy. Zapiain is one of the larger cider houses and mades a very consistent and high-quality product and is located just 3 miles from San Sebastián.

From late January, the Basques like nothing better than heading to the hills and enjoying the previous harvest´s new cider, of course accompanied by a hearty meal. Unlimited cider is included in the price at these traditional Sagardotegia (cider houses), so it's not so much a tasting as a fiesta.

Category: Cider

Type: Cider

Vendor: Zapiain

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